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Business Visa

If an individual wished to enter the UK for any business purposes, they are usually given a visa with a validity of about six months. In some cases visitors will be awarded a multiple entry visa that could last six months, or one, two, five or even ten years.

Who Qualifies as a Business Visitor

Apart from individuals in businesses, people who qualify to apply within this category will need to one of the following:

  • film crews on location shoots only
  • doctors taking the PLAB or coming for registration
  • translators or interpreters that are employed by an company overseas and who are traveling to the United Kingdom for the sole purpose to accompany and provide a service to business visitors from the very same company
  • students accompanying professors
  • academic visitors
  • international news media representatives
  • workers who are taking on some preaching or pastoral work; and
  • persons who are undertaking specific, one-time training in work practices and techniques used exclusively in the UK.

What You Need to Show

To be able to make a successful application to this category, the individual will need to demonstrate that you:

  • would want to be in the UK for a duration of less than six months
  • should have enough money and resources to accommodate and support yourself without having to work locally, or take any help from public funds or will be supported and given help to by any relatives or friends
  • need to have a definite plan to leave the UK at the end of the job needed to be done
  • must not have any intentions to charge any public for thier services provided or for any material goods received
  • can meet the cost of the return or onward journey
  • do not intend to study
  • do not have any intentions to transfer themselves or their base from their home nation to the United Kingdom, even if it’s for a temporary period of time
  • receive your salary from abroad

Additional Proof of Activities While in the UK

Individuals will also be required to show an agenda of sorts for the duration of their stay in the United Kingdom. This may include any of the following:

  • attend any meetings or interviews that have been pre arranged
  • arranged deals or negotiations for signing trade agreements or any contracts
  • missions that may include some kind of fact finding
  • conduct any necessary site visits
  • deliver goods or passengers from another country
  • tour group couriers who are working with a non-UK firm to take a group around and will be present only with the group
  • speaking at a conference where the speaker is doing this as an individual event and isn’t receiving any monies for the same
  • any individuals who are coming to debug, install or enhance any of the products created by any of the companies that they may be working for
  • interpreters who are working for foreign business personel
  • directs who may be at the board-level who are traveling to attend meetings

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