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Applying for British Passport

After becoming a citizen of UK it is very important that you get your British passport. Initially getting a passport after becoming a citizen was very simple. But due to the recent fraud passports surfacing, the government is taking extra measures to take care that you are getting proper passports. There are relatively more checks for the people applying for new passport. The Identity and Passport Service (IPS) have changed the system of issuing of passports and have introduced the interviewing system.

The interview system is helpful in knowing the background and details of the applicant. This will also be an attempt to verify the information you have submitted. After confirming your background and identity, your application will be further processed.
After the application has been submitted to the IPS, an acknowledgement will be sent by the office as to how you can book your interview date. The interview lasts for 30 minutes per head. The more important aspect is the receiving of passport. IPS recommends you not to travel anywhere till you get your passport in hand. It will approximately take 6 weeks for your new passport to come to you.

How to get an application of British Passport

There are many ways of getting a British passport application. Some of the simple methods are listed below-
  • Post offices are the best place where you can get the application.
  • Online applications are also accepted now. You can also request for an application to be sent through a post.
  • You can call the IPS Passport Adviceline on 0300 222 0000

With the online form, you are supported with interactive help which will assist you in completing your form. Also it is easier to correct your mistakes online. After completion of your form it is sent to you in a printed format. You need to attach the documents along with the printed form and submit your application.

Important aspect to keep in mind is to provide your photographs in the new biometric parameters. There are some guidelines which are released for the type of photographs. Another easy way of sending the application is by getting the ‘Check and Send’ service that is available at selected Post Office branches which are spread all across the United Kingdom. This service is one of the most popular services which is used by more than half of the applicants. The cost of the service is also very cheap when compared to other services. Per application it will cost you £8 which includes your postal charges also. By using this service your application is checked for mistakes and is also given priority treatment by IPS.

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