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Eligibility For Life in the UK Test

For people who want settle in the UK, they have to take the UK test to get the citizenship. There are few eligibility factors which are to be fulfilled to appear for the UK test which is explained in the article. If a person has spent some time legally in the country, then the person is entitled to take the UK citizenship test if he further wants to live in the country.

Residents who are living in the country for long periods and looking for permanent settlement in the country can apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain. Even they need to take the British Citizenship Test. There are many categories in which a person can apply for the citizenship.

  • Ancestry is a system where the person after 5 years can apply for the citizenship
  • HSMP (High Skill Migrant Program) is another option where you can be awarded citizenship on the basis of the person’s professional skills.
  • If the applicant has a British partner then the person is eligible to apply for the citizenship.
  • If the person has 10 years of legal residency or has 14 years of illegal residency in the UK then the person can apply for British Citizenship.

In some cases, the government of the United Kingdom has introduced few exceptional cases wherein the applicant for citizenship doesn’t have to take the citizenship test. The following points are to be read carefully as in these cases the applicants don’t have to take the British Citizenship Test.

  • If the person is above 65 years or below 18 years, they don’t have to take the life in the UK test.
  • If there is some kind of physical disability or if the person is physically handicapped, then there is no need for the person to take the test.
  • If the person is mentally handicapped irrespective of his/her age, he/she doesn’t need to write the UK test to get citizenship.
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