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How to apply for Citizenship

The actual process of citizenship starts after you have cleared the British Citizenship Test. The Life in UK test is just an elementary step which has to be cleared so that you can start your process of applying for the citizenship. There are various types of forms through which you can apply for the citizenship. You can get the British Citizenship Application form from the internet. Most of the applications which are filed fall under naturalisation, therefore you can go for AN Form.

For submitting your citizenship application form you can follow either of the two methods. One is, you can follow the traditional method by posting your application form; the second one is to send your application form to NCS. Nationality Check Service is the contemporary way of submitting your citizenship application.

There are two major advantages of sending your application to NCS.

1. Your application is checked properly and the confirmation of the documentation is acknowledged by the service.
2. The documents which are supposed to be attached along with the application are returned back after taking a photocopy of them. By this, instead of sending your documents along with the application you get them back immediately.

The NCS service is provided by local councils which are available across the country. There is a nominal charge for this service which comes up to £61.50.

For getting more information you can also avail Home Office guide in the internet which will give you lot of details as to how you can apply for the British Citizenship.

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