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Steps After Passing UK Citizenship Test

Congratulations! You have successfully passed the life in the UK test which is a major hurdle. Now you are just one step closer to getting the UK citizenship. Now that you have cleared the test you are supposed to divert your efforts in you documentation process. You need to submit your documents which are necessary to prove your identity and your stand. These documents will help you in filing your application.

The following steps are necessary to fulfill your application of you citizenship or settlement in the UK. There are some simple steps which you have to fulfill to complete the process of citizenship.

First and foremost you have to see to it that your application is filled correctly. Thousands of applications are rejected just because the form wasn’t filled aptly. These forms come with well explained guidelines which one has to check before filling the form. These guidelines help you in filling your form correctly.

The next step is to send the form to the Home Office where these applications are processed and verified. Generally since a long time these applications are posted to the Home Office. You need to be extra careful as you will be sending important documents along with the application. Therefore it is important to send the documents by speed post or other means which is safe

Over the years detecting the difficulty of the applicant, there is an alternative method which can be taken to send your application to Home Office. You can use the Nationality Checking Service (NCS) for the citizenship applications and for settlement application you can go for Settlement Checking Services (SCS).

These services will help you check and verify if your application is correctly filled and all the necessary documents are available or not. Valuable documents are photocopied and are returned to you so that you can use them in case of other works which will need those documents as proof. For instance like submitting your address proof in your office etc.

You can go to any local service centers to avail these services. They are government based services which will help you to get your application right. This service will cost you £61.50.

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