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Study Guide For UK Citizenship Test

UK Citizenship test is a mandatory test which one has to take to acquire citizenship in UK. It is a simple procedure by which you can get the eligibility to get your citizenship. There is an e-book which is provided to the applicant once he/she registers for the UK Citizenship test. In this e-book you are given details about how the society runs in UK and also provides you with all the information related to the government and the history of UK.

The name of the e-book is ‘Life in the United Kingdom: A Guide for New Residents’. It covers all the major events in the history of United Kingdom. It also describes about the royal family and how the hierarchy of the Queen is passed on. The book mainly covers all the necessary aspects which a citizen should know to participate and involve in the functioning of the United Kingdom.

These are the following chapters and the list of what is covered in the chapter.

Chapter 1: Values and principles of the UK –

This chapter covers the values and principles followed by UK citizens that are necessary to become a permanent resident of UK.

Chapter 2: What is the UK?–

It is a very short chapter that describes the different countries that make up the UK.

Chapter 3: A Long and Illustrious History –

This chapter deals with the basic history of the country. This new chapter covers the entire UK history from the Stone Age to the 2010 coalition government. It gives a brief description of the politics in Britain since 1945. You can also learn the middle ages of the country and life in the early 20th Century. Besides, it also consists of The Tudors and Stuarts and The global power.

Chapter 4: A Modern, Thriving Society–

This chapter is one of the most important chapters describing the UK today. The content includes The UK Today, Religion, Customs and traditions, Sports, Arts and culture, Leisure and Places on interest.

Chapter 5: The UK Government, the Law and Your Role–

This chapter provides information on government, democracy, the legal system and how people can contribute to their community. You are given a proper understanding of how the law works in UK. It explains the government functioning of the UK. The constitutions those are present in the government and the role and objectives of each constitution. The role of UK as country in Europe and the world is also discussed in the chapter.

These requirements are very important as they would help you in settling in the country.

Get yourself prepared today to pass the Life in the UK Test

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