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Visa Types in UK

Visa is the permit with which you can enter a country. There are several categories in which you can apply for a visa. Depending on your purpose of visit, the visa you need to apply is categorized. If you are planning to apply for a visa you need to check in which category you come in. Some of the most common visa categories are student visa, work visa, settlement visa and many more. This article gives you a detailed list of different types of visas.

UK HSMP (Highly Skilled Migrant Program) –

This is a visa which is issued based on your qualification and skill levels. This category is presently not available for new applicants. If a person wants to work in UK then he has to apply for Highly Skilled Worker visa. This visa is used on a points based system where your skill levels are tested in a test. If you can qualify in the test then you are eligible to get visa.

UK Settlement Visa

Settlement visa is for those who want to come along with their partner who is already having a UK visa. In simple words it can also be called as dependent visa. If you want to visit your partner in the UK then you are better off applying for the UK visa. You can visit UK to marry a person who is already settled in UK. There are some basic necessities which you have to fulfill in order to get the visa approval on these grounds.

UK Student Visa

Student visa is for aspiring students who want to leverage the educational facilities in UK. If a person wants to study in UK, then it is a compulsion that he applies for student visa. One has to be accepted in a recognized university so that his visa application can be accepted. Several other eligibility factors are involved for a student to apply for a visa.

UK Family Visa

Family visa is exclusively for family visits to UK. If an applicant wants to visit close relatives or family in UK then he has to go for family visa. The main criterion on which the applicant is approved of this visa is, he should be willing to come back after his visit. The visitor should not take up any kind of job or join any course when he is in UK.

UK Ancestry Visa

If your ancestry is from UK and you are a citizen of Commonwealth country, then you can apply for this visa. Your grandparents need not be alive for you to be eligible for this visa. This visa lasts for 5 years if issued to the applicant.

Below is the list of most common visas which are applied for to go to UK-

  • UK Ancestry visa
  • Highly Skilled Worker visa
  • UK Spouse visa
  • UK Student visa
  • Youth Mobility visa
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