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Life in the UK Test 2013

Anyone who wants to become a UK Citizen has to understand the importance and undergo the Life in the UK test. This test is used to gauge the general knowledge about UK and the English knowledge of the candidate, who is aspiring to become a UK Citizen.

Importance of the Life in the UK Test

English: English language is important for the commercial, economical and political relationships and development not just within the UK but also internationally. Hence, testing the basic English knowledge of an aspirant has become an important part of UK’s citizenship process.

UK Knowledge: To be a citizen of a country, a person must know about the culture, traditions, history and lifestyle of that country more than just as a common knowledge. Generally, the culture and tradition of the UK are understood from the stereotypes of the people of UK. However, these stereotypes are not the concrete evidences but just unreliable descriptions. To become a citizen of UK, one cannot base one’s understanding on stereotypes and rumours. Hence, the Life in the UK test has questions to test the true factual knowledge of the candidate about UK’s history, culture, traditions and lifestyle.

Life in the UK Test is the only medium to get settled in the UK. If you want to spend your whole life in the UK, you have to pass the Life in the UK Test. Only then will British Citizenship will be granted to you.

If you are planning to settle down in the UK forever, you will be interested in knowing about the culture, people, administrative rules, and the constitution of the sovereign state. And you will be delighted to know that the questions of Life in the UK Test are based on these subjects.

Hence, keeping you in mind, we have designed a wide range of model questions. Go through them so that answering at least 18 questions correctly in the original Life in the UK Test will not be a difficult task for you. The main test normally consists of 24 questions in all.

Get yourself prepared today to pass the Life in the UK Test

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