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Free Life in the UK Sample Test

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1) Which of these words does not appear in the new citizen’s pledge?  image
[A] Loyalty Correct Answer
[B] England Correct Answer
[C] Duties Correct Answer
[D] Freedoms Correct Answer
The system of government in the United Kingdom is a parliamentary democracy. The UK is divided into parliamentary constituencies and at least every five years voters in each constituency elect their Member of Parliament (MP) in a general election. All of the elected MPs form the House of Commons. Most MPs belong to a political party and the party with the largest number of MPs forms the government.
MP :- Member of Parliament-the person who is elected by his or her constituents to represent them in government
2) In which TWO places are arrangements different for taking your Life in the UK test?  image
[A] Ireland Correct Answer
[B] Isle of Man Correct Answer
[C] Channel Islands Correct Answer
[D] Scotland Correct Answer
Civil servants are managers and administrators who carry out government policy. They have to be politically neutral and professional, regardless of which political party is in power. Although civil servants have to follow the policies of the elected government, they can warn ministers if they think a policy is impractical or not in the public interest.
civil service :- the departments within government which manage the business of running the country-people who work for the government can be called civil servants
3) Where does the UK Parliament sit? img
[A] Stormont Correct Answer
[B] The House of Lords Correct Answer
[C] Downing Street Correct Answer
[D] Westminster Correct Answer
Jobcentre Plus is run by a government department-the epartment for Work and Pensions. Trained staff give advice and help in finding and applying for jobs as well claiming benefits. They can also arrange for interpreters. Their website lists vacancies and training opportunities and gives general information on benefits.
MP :- Member of Parliament-the person who is elected by his or her constituents to represent them in government office, to be in :- to be in power in government.
4) Which TWO of the following names may be given to the day before Lent starts? (Select 2 answers) img
[A] Good Friday Correct Answer
[B] Pancake Day Correct Answer
[C] Ash Wednesday Correct Answer
[D] Shrove Tuesday Correct Answer
You can call from public payphones using cash, pre-paid phonecards or credit or debit cards. Calls made from hotels and hostels are usually more expensive. Dial 999 or 112 for emergency calls for police, fire or ambulance service. These calls are free. Do not use these numbers if it is not a real emergency; you can always find the local numbers for these services in the phone book. Audio.
Credit Card :- a card which a person can use to buy goods or services which are paid for by a credit company-the credit company then sends the card-holder a monthly bill-goods can therefore be bought, but paid for later (see debit card) debit card :- a card which a person can use to buy goods or services with money that is in their bank or building society account-the money is taken from their account automatically (see credit card) phonecard, pre-paid :- a card that can be bought and then used to make a certain number of phone calls up to the value of the card.
5) During the English Civil War, in which TWO battles was Charles Is army defeated? (Select 2 answers) img
[A] Battle of Bosworth Field Correct Answer
[B] Battle of Marston Moor Correct Answer
[C] Battle of Hastings Correct Answer
[D] Battle of Naseby Correct Answer
The amount of Council Tax you pay depends on the size and value of your house or flat (dwelling). You must register to pay Council Tax when you move into a new property, either as the owner or the tenant You can pay the tax in one payment, in two instalments, or in ten instalments (from April to January).
instalments (money) :- a series of equal payments which are paid regularly over a period of time until the total cost of something is paid, e.g. a person may pay for a TV that costs £200 in ten monthly instalments of £20.
6) What is New Years Eve called in Scotland? img
[A] Hagmanay Correct Answer
[B] Hugmanay Correct Answer
[C] Hopmanay Correct Answer
[D] Hogmanay Correct Answer
Remembrance Day 11 November, commemorates those who died fighting in World War 1, World War 2 and other wars. Many people wear poppies (a red flower) in memory of those who died. At 11a.m. there is a two-minute silence.
emergency services :- services that can be telephoned and that will come to the help of people when they need it quickly and very urgently, e.g. the police service, the fire service, the ambulance service, the coastguard service and, at sea, the lifeguard service.
7) In a Crown Court, who decides the verdict of ‘guilty’ or ‘not guilty’? image
[A] The judge Correct Answer
[B] The barrister Correct Answer
[C] The defendant Correct Answer
[D] The jury Correct Answer
Well-known dialects in England are Geordie (Tyneside), Scouse (Liverpool) and Cockney (London). Many other languages in addition to English are spoken in the UK, especially in multicultural cities.
eligible :- allowed by law prescription (medical) :- a note from a doctor saying which medicines a patient needs.
8) A driving licence from which of these countries is not equally valid in the UK? btn
[A] France Correct Answer
[B] Iceland Correct Answer
[C] Norway Correct Answer
[D] USA Correct Answer
During the 1950s, there was still a shortage of labour in the UK. The UK encouraged immigration in the 1950s for economic reasons and many industries advertised for workers from overseas. For example, centres were set up in the West Indies to recruit people to drive buses. Textile and engineering firms from the north of England and the Midlands sent agents to India and Pakistan to find workers. For about 25 years, people from the West Indies, India, Pakistan, and later Bangladesh, travelled to work and settle in Britain.
credit card :- a card which a person can use to buy goods or services which are paid for by a credit company-the credit company then sends the card-holder a monthly bill-goods can therefore be bought, but paid for later (see debit card) eligible :- allowed by law pension plan, pay into a :- to save money regularly while a person is working so that when a person stops going to work at 60 or older, there will be enough money to provide him/her with a pension (see State pension).
9) George Frederick Handel, the German-born composer, who became a British citizen, wrote which of the following? button
[A] Water Music Correct Answer
[B] Messiah Correct Answer
[C] Music for the Royal Fireworks Correct Answer
[D] All of the above Correct Answer
If you are dismissed from your job, it is important to get advice on your case as soon as possible. You can ask for advice and information on your legal rights and the best action to take from your trade union representative, a solicitor, a Law Centre or the Citizen's Advice Bureau.
dismissal (employment) :- removal from a job, the 'sack' solicitor :- a professional person whose job is to give legal advice and prepare documents for legal procedures, e.g. divorce, buying and selling houses trade union :- an association of workers that protects its members political rights.
10) In the UK, Christmas Day on 25 December is a public holiday and celebrates the birth of whom? right button
[A] Jesus Christ Correct Answer
[B] Joseph of Arimathea Correct Answer
[C] Noah Correct Answer
[D] Moses Correct Answer
The King or Queen (The Monarch) is the head or Supreme Governor, of the Church of England. The monarch is not allowed to marry anyone who is not Protestant. The spiritual leader of the Church of England is the Archbishop of Canterbury. The monarch has the right to select the Archbishop and other senior church officials, but usually the choice is made by the Prime Minister and a committee appointed by the Church.
Bishop :- A senior priest in a Christian religion who is the head of different churches in a specified area.

Prime Minister :- The Member of Parliament who is the leader of the political party in power and therefore of the whole government.
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