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UK Immigration Rules






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In the United Kingdom, immigration rules are very specific to each scenario. So no matter that the reason or circumstanced may be for your need or want to travel to the United Kingdom, you are likely to encounter a different and very specific set of rules. The United Kingdom can be too particular sometimes, that may have them perceived as strict or inflexible, but if you as an individual adhere to all the guidelines, then there should be very little trouble in acquiring the visa.

Making an Application

Since the knowledge required to make a successful application that adheres to the rules is quite vast and complex, it is usually recommended that the interested individual use agents or specialists to close any gaps that may otherwise come up. The Immigration Rules are also constantly evolving - which give it another added complexity.

Permanent Residency

Most people who apply are interested in becoming permanent citizens to the country. For those individuals, the following are their best options:

  • The individual needs to have lived in the United Kingdom for ten years or more.
  • If the individual is already in possession of either a student visa or a work permit, then they can apply sooner - five years after start of residency.
  • If the individual is married to a citizen of the United Kingdom and have lived in the UK for a minimum of two years while they’ve been certified legally to be a married couple, they can apply for permanent residency at the second year mark.

The United Kingdom is surprisingly relaxed (in comparison to other nations) when it comes to permanent residency, but can be a lot more specific when it comes to other shorter term visas or applications. When it comes to the permanent residency visa or as it more commonly known as the UK Long Term Residency visa or as ‘Indefinite Leave to Remain’ visa, it is best to first do your own research online. Of course, the benefits of such a visa include:

  • no restrictions on work
  • no specific work permits required
  • an individual can start their own business.
The Marriage Visa

For the UK Border agency to issue a marriage visa to the couple or to one of the individuals of the couple, the following criteria need to be met:

  • Both the concerned partied must be over the age of twenty-one
  • The individual applying would have to be married to another individual who would have to currently be residing and settled in the United Kingdom
  • Once a minimum wait time of two years are complete, the couple can then apply for a permanent visa or an Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) visa.

Usually the marriage visa is given out for a period of two years. Once they have received the visa, there is almost no restriction in terms of work, for the individual. They will be allowed to work at a full time job using their visa.