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Migration Working in the UK






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Working in the UK is considered to be great experience particularly for individuals who are looking to gain a wide range of experiences in a foreign country. The individual will need to hold both a valid passport and a work permit or visa to qualify to work. Most often this documentation will need to be ahead of entry to the country.

Different visas offer different restrictions on the number of hours that an individual can work in the UK. It is summarized below:

  • Tier 1: This is for the highly skilled individuals
  • Tier 2: Sponsorship Visas – This type of visa is provided to skilled individuals outside the UK to fill gaps in the country (example: doctors, dentists and nurses)
  • Tier 3: It is provided to low skilled workers to fill up temporary labour shortage.
  • Tier 4: Students
  • Tier 5: Tier 5 visa is for the people needed to satisfy primarily non- economic objectives in the UK.

It is most likely that an individual may be eligible to apply in more than one category. In that case, it is in the best interest of the individual to pick the one most suited (based on work hours and restrictions) and apply in that category.

Tier 1: Highly Skilled Individuals That Can Contribute to Growth and Productivity in the UK

Validity:3 years with the possibility to extend, and finally ended in ILR (Indefinite Leave to Remain)

Eligibility:The individual will need to have gained 75 points in the general information section, 10 for their English language skills and another 10 for any available funds.

Tier 2: Sponsorship Visas - Skilled Workers With a Job Offer to Fill Gaps in United Kingdom Labour Force (Example: Doctors, Dentists and Nurses)

Validity:This visa is valid for as long as the individual continues to be employed by the same company

Eligibility: The individual needs the appropriate number points based on their qualifications, earnings, English language skills and maintenance.

Tier 3: Limited Numbers of Low Skilled Workers Needed to Fill Temporary Labour Shortages

Validity: Varied.

Eligibility: Need to possess proof of necessary skills.

Tier 4: Students

Validity:Varied based on the duration of the course.

Eligibility:The students will need to show proof of admission to a recognized university, apart from all access to funds that will support the student during the entire duration of the course. Students will be allowed to work for up to twenty hours a week on this visa.

Tier 5: Youth Mobility and Temporary Workers: People Allowed to Work in the United Kingdom for a Limited Period of Time to Satisfy Primarily Non-Economic Objectives

Validity:Two years including full permission to work full-time while living in the United Kingdom

Eligibility:The eligibility for the particular kind of visa is extremely specific - only nationals of Australia, New Zealand, Canada or Japan who are aged specifically between 18 and 30 years are allowed to apply for this visa.