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HSMP stands for ‘Highly Skilled Migrant Program.’ This program has now been closed. If an individual were looking to apply under this category, they’ll now have to apply under the ‘highly skilled worker (tier 1 General) category. This will have to be done under the points based system.

Existing HSMP Visa Owners

If an existing HSMP visa owner were looking to extend their visa, they can do so provided that they are still residing in the United Kingdom. However, they applicant will first be required to change their visa type to the ‘highly skilled worker (tier 1 General) category of visa. Those who aren’t on the HSMP visa can’t extend the existing visa on to the HSMP visa as this category has been closed.

Settling in the UK With the HSMP

While the HSMP category has now been closed, under the program individuals who qualified to settle in the United Kingdom under this visa category met the following criteria:

  • The individuals need to have lived and resided in the United Kingdom for a period of five years under legal circumstances
  • They should currently hold permissions to live and reside in the UK as a ‘highly skilled migrant’
  • They should have resided in the UK as a highly skilled migrant or as a work permit holder for the entire five years leading to the application
  • They need to have accommodated and maintained themselves along with any of their dependants or family members without the use of any public funding over the course of the five years
  • They need to have been in possession of a job - either employed or self-employed or both during the duration of the five years
  • They need to have acquired adequate knowledge of the English language and of lifestyles in the United Kingdom.

Now, however, any applicant who’d like to extend will need to apply to the category of Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR).

Dependants of the HSMP Visa Holder

Dependants of the HSMP visa holder will be allowed to apply for a visa as well, provided that they meet the following criteria:

  • They are the spouse, i.e. the husband, wife or civil partner of the main individual who is making the application
  • They are the same-sex partner or the unmarried partner of the person making the main application
  • They are the child of the person making the application, but are still under the age of 18.

For children above the age of 18, they will be required to apply on their own, without the support of the main individuals HSMP status.

Appeals and Decisions

In certain cases, depending on how the application was made, there is a chance that the application to extend into an ILR (Indefinite Leave to Remain) visa application may be denied. Those decisions are doled out by the United Kingdom Visa Services organization and only they may provide the individual with the right to appeal its own decision.

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