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Student Visa in the UK






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The Tier 4 Student visa UK enables students from other countries to come and study in the UK. It is open for the best international students to pursue their education as the UK is home to some of the most prestigious universities, colleges and schools in the world. So if you wish to study in the UK, here's a brief overview of the visa requirements, necessary documents and the types of student visas you can apply for.

Tier 4 Student Visa

Studying in the UK is one of the best decisions you could take. With your future at stake, it’s important that you seek legal advice and understand the procedure and make no mistakes in the UK Student visa application process.

Student Visa UK Eligibility

Those who meet the following conditions are eligible for a General student visa in UK.

● You should be 16 or over.
● You should have been offered a place on a course.
● You should speak, write, read and understand English.
● You should have enough money to support yourself and pay for your course. This will vary depending on your circumstances.
● You should be from a country that’s not in the European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland.

Types of Student visa in UK

● Short-term study visa
● General student visa (Tier 4)
● Child student visa (Tier 4)

Short term study visas UK are issued to doing a short course in the UK. This visa is issued to those outside the EEA and Switzerland. You can do a short study course or short term research as part of a degree you are studying abroad. However, with this visa, you will not be able to work extend it or bring family members.

The period of stay allowed is for the duration of the course. You will be allowed a 30-day extension if you are staying for less than 6 months or 11 months in case you are over 16 years of age and studying an English language course.

In case you are an academic visitor and are doing research or accompanying students on a study abroad program, you can come on a Standard Visitor visa.

General Student Visa (Tier 4)
You can apply for this Student Visa in UK if you have an unconditional offer on a course with a licensed Tier 4 sponsor and enough money to pay for your course and support yourself. Your course can be full time or part-time or an overseas course of degree-level study. Doctors and dentists can also do a recognized foundation program provided they meet the eligibility criteria. For further details, you can check the official site.

CAS or Confirmation of acceptance

Your education provider will give you a reference number called Confirmation of acceptance which should be entered in your visa application. For a Tier 4 (General) student visa, you can apply online. You can apply 3 months before your course begins.

How long you can stay
The duration of stay depends on the kind of course you’re doing and how much study you've completed. You can arrive up to 1 week before, in case your course lasts less than 6 months. In case it’s greater than this duration, you can arrive one month in advance.

Child Student Visa - Tier 4

There's a visa for younger students who wish to study there too. You can apply for the Tier 4 (Child) student visa if you’re aged between 4 and 17 and you wish to study at an independent school in the UK. You should have secured a place and have the consent of your parent or guardian. The other prerequisite is to be from outside the European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland and having sufficient money to cover your course fees and living costs.

How long you can stay
You can stay for up to 6 years in case you are below 16 years and for 3 years in case, you fall in the age bracket of 16-17. You can arrive up to 1 week before, in case your course lasts less than 6 months. In case it’s greater than this duration, you can arrive one month in advance.

How to get your student visa faster

If you want to get a decision in the shortest possible time, you may do so by paying an extra £500 for the priority service for a decision within 5 working days. With an extra £800, you get a decision by the end of the next working day.