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After Passing life in the UK Test






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Congratulations on passing the important, Life in the UK Test! It is an important step you have embarked on your journey towards Indefinite Leave to Remain or Settlement in the UK. Once you have crossed the test, whats next? Read on to find out more about the steps to be taken once you pass the test.

Get a Pass Notification Letter

Once you pass the British Citizenship Test, you get a notification letter which should be kept safe. The original letter should be submitted along with your citizenship or settlement application form as proof of clearing the test. Remember, you will not get a replacement letter or should you lose it and may be required to take the test again. Find out more about what should be done once you clear Life in the UK Test.

Get your application ready

On the successful completion of your British Citizenship test, you will be required to get all the documentation ready to submit along with your application. The form and documents could vary depending on whether you are applying for British Citizenship or Settlement in the UK.

Fill your documentation accurately and submit it to the Home Office who will process it further. Make sure you make no mistakes in filling your application. All forms come with detailed information on how you should fill them. Remember, thousands of documents are rejected each year due to incorrect or incomplete information and you do not want yours to be one among them. Alongside your application, you might be required to send valuable documents as well.

How much does it cost?

Those who are applying for citizenship should check for all relevant information on the official site. All information regarding fees and other details will be present here(gov.uk).

In the case of Indefinite Leave to Remain, the application fee is currently at £2,389 (£2,999 for premium service) per person. Each dependant applying with you should also pay the same fee.

How to send your form?
  • Most forms are completed online and you can avail the new UK visa and Citizenship application services. They offer streamlined online services for most application types thereby making it easy to apply.
  • You can opt for the standard service which may take up to six months to get a decision. Else, you can opt for the super priority service to get a decision by the end of the next working day after providing your biometric information in the case of weekdays or 2 working days if it is the weekend. For opting for this service, you have to pay an additional £800 besides the regular fee of £2,389.
  • The super priority services also offer you additional services out of hours appointments and same day appointments for an extra fee.
  • Earlier there were only 7 Premium Service Centres but now there are 57 UKVCAS centres across the UK. To find the nearest location, you can check here.
  • You can attend one of the 57 centers to submit biometric information; photograph, fingerprints, and proof of identity. This invaluable service saves you a lot of time and effort.
  • Applicants having difficulty filling the online form are offered telephone support. You can contact them at 03333 445 675 on weekdays.
  • Besides this, UK Visa and Citizenship Application Services offers plenty of additional services and support such as immigration advice and document translation.
Get approval for Settlement or Citizenship

When your form is accepted, It may take up to 6 months or longer for a decision to be made if you opt for the standard service and 24 hours in the case of super priority service. If all goes well, you must attend a citizenship ceremony. In the case of ILR, once you get approval, you can remain in the UK indefinitely and also get almost all the rights of a British citizen.