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British Citizenship Ceremony






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Obtaining a British Citizenship is a life-changing experience that’s worth the wait. The ceremony confirms that you are a legal citizen of the UK and can enjoy all the benefits the government has to offer. The event takes place at a venue in your proximity and depending on it, the ceremony may vary slightly.

Who is required to attend the UK Citizenship Ceremony?

The following people are required to attend the event:-

• Those who are above 18 years and have applied to be a British Citizen successfully
• You should book the ceremony within 3 months of receiving an invitation from the Home Office. If you don't attend within time, you might have to take a new application.

How do you book for the British citizenship ceremony?

You can book a group British Citizenship Test ceremony with your local council which costs £80. You can also take two guests with you for the ceremony. You can check with your council where you will be asked to enter your postcode and directed to your respective council. Ceremonies will be held at fixed venues in the case of group bookings. You would usually be asked to bring along the invitation letter from the Home Office and your passport or Photo ID

Private British Citizenship ceremony is also available at a higher cost which should be discussed with your local council.

What happens during the UK Citizenship event?

You will be required to swear an oath of allegiance to the Crown following which you make a pledge to uphold the UK laws and values. Some of the venues host the pledge or the oath of allegiance in a group. Other ceremonies require each individual to take the oath separately. Usually, the Lord Mayor or Deputy Mayor holds the ceremony. You get a certificate of British citizenship, a welcome pack and could receive a gift from some councils. You get professional photos clicked as well as videos that can be purchased. This is how the UK citizenship ceremony takes place.

When will you not be required to attend the ceremony?

You won’t need to attend in the following cases:-
If you are registering for:

  • British overseas territories citizen
  • British overseas citizen
  • British subject
Benefits of British Citizenship

Here are some of the reasons why you need to rejoice when you become a British Citizen and attend your UK Citizenship Ceremony. You gain benefits in different categories such as health, travel, work and get to enjoy all the fundamental rights of a British Citizen and protection under the law.

  • You may not need a work permit to be an employee and you do not have to pay international fees to study at UK universities.
  • You are eligible for free treatment on the National Health Service.
  • You can stand for any public office and serve in the armed forces and security services of the UK.
  • Citizenship also offers you all rights and protections under the law of the UK.
  • You get unrestricted access to leave and enter Britain without immigration restrictions.
  • Besides this, you can also travel to member nations of the EU without needing a visa (which may change with Brexit so keep a watch on the new rules).