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British Citizenship Facts






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Getting the British Citizenship is a very happy occasion and the ceremony is equally pompous. You will be invited to a citizenship ceremony along with the other new citizens and will be welcomed to the country in a grand celebration. The ceremony will be held in the presence of all the new citizens and local authorities or dignitaries.

The format will change depending on the venue where it is celebrated. It normally starts with a welcome speech to all the new citizens and then follows with an oath of allegiance or affirmation of allegiance. You also have to take the British Citizenship Pledge.

These oaths are done in a group or in person. Some of the venues host the pledge or oath of allegiance in a group. In other ceremonies they will go around from member to member individually.

Another major activity in most of the ceremonies is to sing the national anthem. This is done mostly in groups.

After the above activities are over you will be presented with a Citizenship certificate and an information pack. As this is a very important event of your life you are allowed to click pictures and take videos of you receiving the citizenship certificate. Remember the effort which you have put to reach this day, so do not forget to take photographs and videos as you would like to relive the moment.

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