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Life in the UK Test is a very comprehensive and simple book from which you can easily understand and get an insight about the world in UK. It is a fairly well explained book in which simple English is used so that anyone can understand the points which are explained in the book. But it is noted that many applicants who are going through the book have a problem with last Chapter.

Chapter 5 deals with how the UK is governed and what are all the procedures which the government has for the citizens. This chapter may confuse people as generally not everyone is okay with reading and learning legal aspects. You need to concentrate a little harder to understand how the government runs and also how the political activities are conducted. The British constitution is one of the most important points which one has to concentrate on.

The simplest chapters in the whole book are considered to be Chapter 2 and Chapter 4. It is contemporary and you observe most of the points explained in this chapter in your day to day life.

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