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Applying for settlement or Citizenship in the UK has some mandatory requirements. The main among these include:-

  • You must meet the English Language requirement
  • You should have passed the Life in the UK test
Life in the UK Test

Clearing the test requires answering a total of 18 questions right out of 24. The pass percentage is 75% and you have 45 minutes to answer the test. You can take this test by booking through the only Government official site here. In order to ace this test, you should be familiar with all the chapters of the handbook and take as many practice tests online as possible.

Here's a Guide on the British Citizenship Test

The test consists of 5 chapters and it is usually in English. Should you require, special arrangements can be made to take the test in Welsh or Scottish Gaelic. Those living on the Isle of Man or the Channel Islands, have a different set of arrangements which you can check at their official site.

Here are some details on the 5 chapters which is available in the official handbook.

Chapter 1-The values and principles of the UK

This short chapter covers the fundamental rights and responsibilities of anyone who lives in the UK. You can take practice tests online, both modelled on the official test or chapter wise.

Chapter 2 - What is the UK?

Another short chapter, this speaks of the countries that make up the Union and how they are described in various phrases. You get questions based on topics like differences between Great Britain and the British Isles and so on. Remember to get the facts right and you can score with ease in this chapter. This makes your path for Citizenship in the UK much easier.

Chapter 3-A long and illustrious history

You should concentrate well on this chapter and learn all about British history beginning from the Stone Age followed by the Monarchy, church and Parliament of the UK. All major battles like World War 1, World War 2 and other. Following this, the focus shifts to the governments of the UK and devolution in Northern Ireland, Wales, and Scotland. You should learn all the important dates and know the facts regarding the war to do well in this chapter. You can take online practise tests specific to this chapter to master it.

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Chapter 4 - A modern, thriving society

Familiarise yourself with famous people of Britain including sportspersons, poets, books, and various cities. You should be able to identify the important cities of Great Britain, recognize important landmarks, and know their important festivals.

Chapter 5 – The UK government, the law, and your role

As the title states, this chapter deals with the UK government, the law and the role of the Queen in the government are covered in this chapter. You might want to familiarize yourself with the two Houses of Parliament and the working of the administration. You need to watch out for the various courts and what offenses they deal with.

The best way to familiarise yourself with the format of the test is to attempt as many practise tests as possible. Here are some of the best free practise tests you can attempt from.

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