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Nationality Check Service (NCS) is a service offered by the government to the citizenship applicants. Many local councils in England and Wales are providing this service to all the people who want to submit their application to for the citizenship. One can submit their British Citizenship application in person to the officials in the local councils. The service is considered the best because there are no delays in documentation and it is also not a time taking process. You can also receive your passport or documentation immediately, as those documents will be photocopied and the originals will be returned to the applicant.

The Nationality Check Service cost the applicant very small amount. Per application it will be costing only £61.50.

This service is a very new kind of service and it is not available in all the local authorities. If the local authority does not accept the application you can go to other local authority to process your applications. Here is a list of areas where this service is provided.

England – central and greater London are not included.

Greater London - the city of London and surrounding areas only.

Scotland – only East Killbride, Hamilton and Lanark

Wales – Cardiff and Pembrokeshire only.

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