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Tips for Life in the UK Test






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Preparing for any test requires that you study systematically and follow certain tips to help you come out in flying colours. And, when it comes to something as important as the UK Citizenship Test, it’s best that you follow certain set techniques to prepare.

Why should you prepare for Life in the UK Test?

Those applying for Indefinite Leave to Remain, need to pass the Life in the UK Test. This is a computer-based test that lasts 45 minutes and is a series of 24 questions. Passing this test is mandatory in your pursuit for ILR or citizenship in Britain. The new official handbook which is the 3rd edition contains as many as 180 pages which contain dates and facts to memorize. Besides, each attempt at the test costs £50 and takes up your time and effort. Learn the important techniques to study for Life in the UK Test and complete it in a single attempt.

Life in the UK Test Study Techniques
Some questions have multiple answers

Though the test is an objective type, there are some which may have 2 or more answers. Hence, when you notice such questions, read them carefully and determine what kind of response they expect before you zero in on the answer.

The actual test is much simpler than any practice test

Do not let the fear of the test overcome you. Remember, the actual test is much simpler than all the practice tests you might work on. The practice tests are designed in such a way that its degree of difficulty will be higher than that of the actual test. This way if you perform decently in the practice tests, you can be sure to excel in the main examination. Good scores in the practise test mean you are sure to come out in flying colours when you actually take the test.

Every candidate has a unique set of questions
Many candidates do not realise that each person receives a different set of questions. There are thousands of questions in their database and you are randomly given 24 questions from which you have to answer within 45 minutes. The chances of the person attending the test with you receiving the same questions are very slim and this protects the integrity of the test.

Methods to study

To learn the syllabus efficiently, follow some of these simple steps. Jot down notes when revising the study material. Find someone you can discuss your doubts with preferably someone who has already completed the test successfully. If you have difficulty memorizing dates, you can use a mnemonic system— this is a memory technique where patterns are made with patterns of letters or associations to help recall important dates.

Read the Life in the UK test handbook thoroughly

It is important to read the entire Life in the UK Test handbook and this includes all the pictures and captions. Following reading the book, you can take online Life in the UK practice tests. These help you memorize the information in the handbook and do well in your tests. Do not skip any chapters or difficult topics since it might be difficult should you face the same questions. Read the “check that you understand” sections at the end of each chapter to check if you lag in any of the topics. Those who have a hard time reading English can opt to listen to the audio version of the same.

Practise Tests make you Perfect

Besides the study guide, it's important to attempt as many questions as possible. Practice tests give you a feel of what the real test looks like and fix your test dates only when you have taken many practice tests and are confident of success. For this, look out for authentic online practice tests that cover the latest updated version. We offer some of the best packages with practice tests covering the latest edition of Life in the UK Test - a Guide for New residents,. These tests when taken in the format of the actual one, helps you feel confident in your main test. Helping you clear the test in the first attempt is our main objective hence all our packages are available for a discount of 40%.

You needn't score full marks

Rest assured, you are not required to get all 24 questions right in order to pass the test. So if you get stuck on a few questions, don't waste time on attempting them and proceed to the next question. You can always get back to that question after you have attempted the rest. All you need is a pass percentage of 75%, so it's enough if you get 18 answers right.

Improve your vocabulary

Good knowledge of English vocabulary is a must for those answering the questions. Read plenty of books and the daily newspaper. You can also watch movies with subtitles which would improve your knowledge of English very fast. When you are preparing from the Life in the UK test handbook, look up the Glossary at the end. Go through the dictionary to find out new words and their meanings.

Follow above-mentioned techniques to ace your UK Citizenship Test. These will help you prepare well and pass the test. All the best!