Frequently Asked Questions

1) What should I do after visiting this site?

Please add this site to your bookmarks or favourites list after visiting it, to make your next visit easier. As searching for the site through search engines like Google or Yahoo doesn’t take you to the log in page directly, add the site to the favourites by clicking here ->Bookmark this page.

2) How much do I need to pay to practice questions online?

Paying a fee from £9.99 - £14.99 will give you unlimited* access to take the online British Citizenship Test.

3) Can I start practising immediately after making payment?

Usually, one can immediately log into the online examinations page to practise just after making the payment. In rare cases whenever there is a communication breakdown between the servers and paypal, the payment will be done manually and hence the logging on process will take a day’s time. Once done, you can Sign in or log back in to the site and start practicing.

4) How to start practicing?

Firstly, log on to the website by typing your Username (Email) and Password and then click sign in. After logging in, click on the “Practice Test” link on the left side of the window or by clicking the "Start exam" in menubar option. This will take you to the test directly with an information page.

5) How can I login to the website?

Searching for the website through search engines like Google might not take you to the website login page directly. Close all browser Windows, then open a new one and type in the address bar. Add the Site to the list of your favorites to have easy accessibility next time. Google search is applicable for new entrants only. Regular visitors are advised to always access the site through their list of favourite.

6) I am facing some difficulty while logging in, how do I resolve it?

Please verify that the correct username (Email) and password have been entered. In case you forget your password, then either go to the “forgotten password?” option given in the log in page or write to us with “forgotten password” as the subject and please give details of your username(Email) in that mail.

7) Every time I log in to the online examination, I get repetitive error messages. What do I do to resolve this?

The website is compatible enough to work with the Internet Explorer version 6 or above. Errors occur in case one is trying to open the website with other browsers. It is highly recommended to open this website with IE version 6 and above. IE can be installed freely from the Microsoft site. Further, Firefox could be installed for better results.

8) How could we enable cookies in AOL to solve the problem which arises when the time allotted to practice questions finishes off as soon as it starts?

The procedure to enable cookies in the different versions of AOL is given in the website below:

9) How to access your site when it does not appear on Google search results?

The best solution to access this site each time is to bookmark it.

10) What is the total number of questions in all the sets?

There are more than 1100 questions in all sets and they are regularly updated (changed or added) every month.

11) How many tests can I practice online?

You have unlimited* access to the tests. After making your choice in the provided period of 90 days, you can practise as much as you wish.

12) Do you have the same questions in every set?

No. The questions will be different from one exam to another. But after certain number of tests you may encounter the questions you already answered in earlier exams.

13) Is it possible to view the answers of the test after finishing?

Yes, a person can view the answers by clicking onto the Exam History link. The correct answers will be shaded in light gray. A tick will indicate that the question was answered correctly.

14) Why don’t some questions have any sound?

As more and more questions are added regularly, some questions could take longer time to record a sound in them.

15) How much time is the membership valid for?

The membership is valid for 90 days.

16) Is it possible to extend the membership period?

There are some conditions under which the membership of a person can be extended for free. One can extend it by writing or e-mailing a letter, comprising the reason behind the extension, to email background

17) What happens if I cannot pass the exam within the validity period of 90 Days?

There are some conditions under which the membership of a person can be extended for no additional cost. One can extend it by writing or e-mailing a letter, comprising the reason behind the extension, to email background

18) Is there any possibility of getting same questions in the practice tests and the real exam?

No, the question given in the practice tests are just for revision purpose only. They only cover complete understanding of your knowledge that is required to pass the real exam. The questions in practice sessions are completely different from real tests, and we request you to treat these only as mock sessions.

19) Is it enough to practice questions on this website for clearing the exam?

We recommend you to read the study guide given by us or to visit the or to read book titled “Life in the United Kingdom: A Guide for New Residents,” published by the Home Office to clear this exam. One will surely pass the exam by reading the information given in these sources. By following our guidelines regarding what to study will help you in passing the exam in first turn, hence will save your money and time. One can visit the book to know the correct answers of the questions. It is advised not to memorize the questions, as they might not be written same in the real exam. Further, never make any guesses to give the answers.

20) Is paying through Worldpay secure enough?

WorldPay practices both proprietary and unique state of the art security tools and techniques to prevent its sellers and shoppers from the risks that are found these days. WorldPay systems provide a virtually uninterrupted service 24 hours a day, seven days a week, through its inbuilt redundancy and fault tolerance system. WorldPay systems have been progressing and many systems provided by it have always gained approval from the banks. The systems provided by it are using industry standard SSL, Thawte and WorldPay unique encryption system, so that the complete credit information is encrypted before it reaches the worldPay system. For e.g, the information given by the shopper after filling the payment form doesn’t go away directly after clicking ‘submit’ button. The information is encrypted through a secured link set up between the shopper’s browser and WorldPay through a code that wraps the transaction details before exiting from the shopper’s side.

21) How safe is the paypal system?

PayPal is developed on the basis of automatically encrypting the confidential information in transit from one computer to another by using the Secure Sockets Layer protocol (SSL) with an encryption key length of 128-bits(highest available commercially). For approval, the server checks out whether the browser is using SSL3.0 or higher standard. After reaching the system the information resides on a server that is heavily protected both physically and electronically. The servers are protected through electronic firewalls and are not connected to the Internet directly; this makes the private information available to authorized computers only.

22) What is the alternate to pay, in case WorldPay is not accepting my credit card?

One can pay through PayPal, in case your credit card is not accepted by WorldPay.

23) Is the amount refundable under any circumstances?

The refund of the amount is at the discretion of the management. No amount will be refunded after giving an attempt or more.

24) Who is required to take the test? Is it mandatory?

Everyone who is applying for British Nationality and settlement visa (Indefinite Leave to Remain) is required to pass this test.

25) Is the test applicable for people whose first language is English or for those who have lived or has studied in the United Kingdom?

In legal terms, one cannot display his/her English knowledge to the Home Office by just saying that he/she was born in an English-speaking country. This fact is not applicable to let anybody live alone in the United Kingdom. One has to prove his/her knowledge by clearing the tests given by Home Office that in turn is the easiest way to do so.

26 ) Can anyone be stopped from taking the test?

A person who is above 65 years cannot appear for this British Citizenship Test. Further, certain conditions are there in which young people could be also stopped from giving the test, like a person suffering from a long term illness or disability which severely restricts their mobility and ability to attend language classes; or a person having any mental impairment which incapacitates to learn another language.

27) Where can one appear for the test?

The test can be given at any approved test centre near you.

28) What is the cost of a test?

Currently, a test costs £50.

29) What are minimum marks required to pass a test?

One should provide right answers for at least 18 questions out of 24 which is 75%.

30) Is it possible to reappear for a failed exam?

Yes, one can reappear by paying £50 each time.

31) Are the same questions repeated in every test?

No. Each test contains different questions.

32) Is the test available only in English?

Yes, it is required to prove your English knowledge or understanding after passing the test. Passing the British Citizenship Test confirms that you have enough English knowledge (ESOL level 3).

33) When can I take the test?

You can take this British Citizenship Test anytime but you have to pass it before submitting your application for Naturalization or settlement visa.

34) Can you provide me with useful links that provide additional information about applying for British Nationality? provides complete information about applying British nationality. Further, if somebody has any query, he/she can contact by writing or sending a letter regarding it to the customer service team or at email background