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How to Prepare British Citizenship Test






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When you prepare UK British Citizenship test, you can follow your best method of study you always employ for your learning needs. Discussed here are some of the key methods of preparing for the Life in the UK test.

Study Methods to Prepare UK British Citizenship Test
Taking Notes

The official test handbook is well organized and properly structured to assist you in learning the information easily. However, you might find the format a little strange. Therefore, it helps to take your own notes in a manner that is familiar to you- in your own words. Writing it down would help you remember better, especially the difficult topics; you can take down the points in a manner that is convenient for you to grasp and remember.

Study Partner

When you share what to learn with someone, you will be able to remember things well. Therefore, you can get another person who is also taking the test as a partner, or take the help of friends and family.

Recording Yourself

Dialogues can help remember things well. You can record your study materials in your own voice and listen to your recording while you are engaged in other activities like travelling, working and the like. If you are OK with listening to yourself, this can help you prepare UK British Citizenship test.

Preparation for the British Citizenship Test is really challenging. But it can be made easy if you will put in a little effort.

To get indefinite leave to remain (ILR) in the UK, all you have to do is secure 75% in the British Citizenship Test. This can be achieved by answering correctly at least 18 of the total 24 questions asked in the original test.

The exam is conducted throughout the year in 65 centres all over the UK. Select the centre nearest to the place where you are staying. Have no doubts, go ahead with the process! Our sample questions will help you pass the exam for sure!

  • any place that an immigration office may use to conduct his duties
  • any airport in the United Kingdom
  • in a specifically allocated control zone or any 'supplementary control zone'
  • any designated holding facility that is short-term in nature
  • police stations
  • any hospital in the UK
  • a young offender institution
  • remand center or prison
  • Campsfield House Immigration Removal Centre
  • Tinsley House Immigration Removal Centre
  • Gatwick Airport, West Sussex
  • Oakington Reception Centre
  • Harmondsworth Immigration Removal Centre
  • Yarl's Wood Immigration Removal Centre
  • Dungavel House Immigration Removal Centre
  • Lindholme Immigration Removal Centre
  • Haslar Immigration Removal Centre
  • Dover Immigration Removal Centre
  • Colnbrook Immigration Removal Centre
  • Brook House Immigration Removal Centre
  • Any mobile detention facility that may be a vehicle and is adapt for that use

When this particular act was brought in, the Immigration Direction 2008 (Places of Detention) Act was revoked