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Life In The UK Citizenship Test






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If you are planning to take the Life in the UK Citizenship test to become eligible for the UK Citizenship, then you need answers to the following questions.

How to Book the Life in the UK Citizenship Test?

To book the test, you have to register online on the UK Border Agency’s official website, pick a test date and pay the test fee (£50). The first available date would be 7 days from the day you are registering for the test.

What you Need to Book the Test?

You have to provide the following details while booking your test.

  • Email address for registration
  • Valid photographic ID
  • Credit or debit card for payment

It is required that you have read through and understood the official test handbook before booking the test. If you have any special needs, you need to mention them while booking.

Where to Take the Life in the UK Citizenship Test?

There are 60 UK Citizenship test centres across the country. While booking the test, you will be presented with the information about the local test centres based on your postcode. You have a choice of five centres from which you need to pick one.

Are you dreaming of getting permanent citizenship of the UK? Then the one and only way of achieving it is to pass the Life in the UK Test.

The UK Citizenship Test is conducted in 60 centres throughout the country. Put your name down for the test in a centre close to the place where you are staying.

Before writing the final test, practice our sample UK Citizenship Test questions repeatedly. This exercise will surely help you in answering the required 18 questions correctly, out of a total of 24, asked in the main test. And this is exactly what you need to do to secure 75% marks to pass the final test.

  • any place that an immigration office may use to conduct his duties
  • any airport in the United Kingdom
  • in a specifically allocated control zone or any 'supplementary control zone'
  • any designated holding facility that is short-term in nature
  • police stations
  • any hospital in the UK
  • a young offender institution
  • remand center or prison
  • Campsfield House Immigration Removal Centre
  • Tinsley House Immigration Removal Centre
  • Gatwick Airport, West Sussex
  • Oakington Reception Centre
  • Harmondsworth Immigration Removal Centre
  • Yarl's Wood Immigration Removal Centre
  • Dungavel House Immigration Removal Centre
  • Lindholme Immigration Removal Centre
  • Haslar Immigration Removal Centre
  • Dover Immigration Removal Centre
  • Colnbrook Immigration Removal Centre
  • Brook House Immigration Removal Centre
  • Any mobile detention facility that may be a vehicle and is adapt for that use

When this particular act was brought in, the Immigration Direction 2008 (Places of Detention) Act was revoked